Firm grease

Grease in the 'firm' category generally has a consistency at least as firm as peanut butter. Works well on mechanical keyboard key stabilisers, or other switch parts if applied carefully. Also, mixing firm grease together with PFPE oil is a popular way to create a custom-textured grease for your key switches.



kr 129,00

    Stab Lube BDZg1.5

    kr 159,00 kr 199,00

      Super Lube Dielectric Grease

      Synco Chemical Corporation

      kr 249,00

        Switch Lube 203g2

        fromkr 89,00

          Switch Lube 204g2

          fromkr 89,00

            Switch Lube 205g2


            fromkr 79,00

              Switch Lube 206g2


              fromkr 130,00

                Switch Lube 207g2


                fromkr 79,00

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