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This is an inexpensive but versatile lube from Glorious, which can be great for those building their first keyboard. It is similar to 203g2 in viscosity and thickness, however G-Lube is made from polyalphaolefin, rather than perfluoropolyether, which makes it slightly more affordable. This kind of lubricant is often found in household and motor oils.

Works well on tactile switches, or linear switches with light-medium springs and smooth stems. Not recommended for use on more difficult stems, such as POM.

This lube is appropriate for switch housing, stems and rails. For stabilizer wires, try pairing with dielectric grease.

Please note that because this type of lubricant generally has lower oxidation stability and film strength than PFPE, you may need to re-apply more often, depending on your application.

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NLGI Grade2 (approx)
ThickenerOctadecanoic Acid
Viscosity30 cSt at 40° C (approx)
Country of manufactureChina
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