Glorious Panda (Tactile)

Glorious Panda (Tactile)

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This tactile switch from Glorious has a housing formed using the original INVYR Panda molds, but using upgraded materials, and is available in a snappy orange and yellow colourway.

There is a strong tactile bump close to the top of travel, but not as close as with a Zealio. The upstroke is 'snappier' than the revered Holy Panda.

The top housing is made from polycarbonate, and the bottom part is Nylon 66, which gives a premium feel. The stem is made from POM, and the leaf from copper. The spring has a 76-gram bottom-out and is made from nickel-plated stainless steel.

Which lube?
Because this switch has a POM stem, we highly recommend lubing with 3204 before use, which is a slightly more viscous lube than we would normally use on other tactiles. Take care not to lube the switch 'legs', in order to preserve the tactile feel. As with all polycarbonate switches, do not use lubes which contain mineral oil.

Bottom-out force 76g
Stem type MX
Stem colour Orange
Housing colour White
Action Tactile
Silenced No
Manufacturer Glorious
Mounting type PCB


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Country of manufactureChina
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