Switch Sample Pack

Switch Sample Pack

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These packs contain one of each of the listed switches, so you can try out a few different types to see which you prefer. Please note that the image is only for illustration, and the switches you receive will be the ones listed below.

The Zeal Generation pack contains: (7 switches)

  • Zealio 62g
  • Zealio 67g
  • Zealio 78g
  • Tealio V2
  • Healio V2
  • Sakurio
  • Rosélio

The Gateron pack contains: (6 switches)

  • KS-9 Blue
  • KS-9 Yellow
  • KS-25 Milky Cap
  • KS-25 Gold Cap
  • Ink V2 Black
  • Ink V2 Red

The JWK and Friends pack contains: (6 switches)

  • JWICK Red
  • JWICK Yellow
  • JWICK Ice White
  • Alpaca 62g
  • Glorious Panda
  • Glorious Lynx

The 'All Switches' pack contains all 19 of the above switches.

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