Switch Lube 107

Switch Lube 107

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This high-viscosity perfluoropolyether (PFPE) lubricating oil is a great choice for  general use on keyboards with linear switches. It has the second-highest viscosity of any available Krytox general-purpose oil. These heavier graves of oil can benefit keyboards with heavy, worn or uneven linear switches, and also are generally favoured for use on MX-style springs, where the high viscosity makes them effective in reducing spring 'ping', without causing pooling. As an oil, it is easier to work with than grease. It can be used on any keyboard parts, however usage on tactile or clicky switches is not recommended due to the high flow resistance of the oil, which can affect the feel and sound of the switch.

For tactile or clicky switch internals, more suitable products include 103 or 1506, both of which are less viscous, and therefore may produce less change in the feel of the tactile 'bump' or click.

This product is packaged in an HDPE dropper bottle, with removable dropper nozzle.

This product is bottled by loob.no.

Please ensure that this product is suitable for your intended application before purchasing. Please note that lubricants are measured by weight, not by volume.
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TypePerfluoropolyether (PFPE)
Viscosity450 cSt at 40° C
Country of manufactureUSA
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