MX Switch Opener 2.0
MX Switch Opener 2.0
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MX Switch Opener 2.0

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Special offer: buy an MX and Kailh switch opener together, and get 15% off one with code OPENSESAME!

This is the classic 'McCormick' switch opener, made possible by the wonders of additive manufacturing. Printed and finished right here in Norway.

Printed from hard-wearing ASA, this is a big upgrade from fingernails, and much stronger than our previous batch. We have been trying out new colours, so you might get a different colour than shown in the picture.

Note: This is compatible with Cherry MX (or Gateron)-style switches. For a Kailh-compatible opener, take a look here.

The switch featured in the image is the 'Ultramarine' by Mekanisk, and is available to purchase from their Norwegian store.

This product was uploaded to Thingiverse by John McCormick, and its STL file is available under the Creative Commons - Attribution license from here.

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Country of manufactureNorway
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